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Syphilis is the most destructive of all the miasms. It contributes to rapid weight loss and the deteriorating conditions of bone loss. Osteoarthritis is associated with this miasm. Anytime we see a degenerative or deformed condition of any of the body's tissues, bone or blood diseases, or infections, syphilis is involved. Another classic example of its destructive nature is the AIDS virus which is born from this miasm.

Like a couple of the other miasms, syphilis has two sides. On one side, you can feel very happy, enthusiastic, and you can maintain your energy and get many projects done. On the other side, you may feel irritable, insecure, over-stressed, or sad. We've had clients tell us watching a TV commercial is enough to trigger their sadness. You may experience anxiety about your health. Hypochondria is not uncommon with this miasm. Some forms of obsessive behavior, such as anorexia or excessive jealousy, are related to the syphilis miasm. People with a strong syphilis miasm are hard on themselves, quick tempered, suspicious, and judgmental toward others.

Physically, you may tire easily with some achiness in the joints. Or you may experience nervousness, restlessness, and agitation. Since syphilis has an affinity for the bones, teeth, and blood, you may feel some sensitivity or nerve pain in one or more of the teeth. This miasm is responsible for early dental cavities in children and gum loss in adults. People frequently complain that they are hypersensitive to environmental factors such as loud noises or the smell of perfume and paint. Other symptoms of the syphilis miasm include: 

sore throat  •  ulcers (mouth & stomach)  •  asthma

eye problems  •  dizziness  •  anemia

hepatitis  •  impatience  •  fear of insanity

paranoia  •  fear of losing control

violence on being opposed  •  schizophrenia

arthritis  •  craving for alcohol  •  laryngitis

rapid heart beat  •  eczema & rashes

shingles  •  seizures  •  loss of appetite

chronic diarrhea  •  lupus

Find out where the Syphilis miasm is located in the body

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