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by Sherri Raymos

I believe I am one of the few people in the world who has had the awesome privilege of witnessing a person become Enlightened. Not only is it a life altering event for that person but everyone around them is transformed as well.

My role in the BodyVed® story began in 1998. I was attending an advanced course in kinesiology at an acupuncture school. My professor who was a student of the Vedanta philosophy began to describe a book about a teacher of Transcendental Meditation who became Enlightened. Having meditated for 25 years myself and taken TM's advanced courses, I was fascinated. He said the author didn't realize she was Awakened and she spent 12 years trying to find out what was wrong.

As he described her experience to the class I became more and more astounded. He was describing Neil’s experience that had occurred seven years prior! They were almost identical from calling the TM headquarters to seeing the doctors.

As soon as the class was over I rushed to catch him to get the name of the book and the author. I told him about Neil's experience and he told me his wife was writing a book about people who were Enlightened.

I was so excited to finally have some explanation for such a puzzling and life altering event. I couldn't wait to tell Neil about it!  I hurried to the bookstore and headed home. I was too late ...

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